The only word that came to mind when I read this was "Wow".

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Brilliant. Wonderful. An incredible and HIGHLY recommended read...
This a short, apologetic piece from the Huff Post on interfaith dialogue and how it should include atheists.
I prefer Gretas anger.
You know... for the Huffington Post, that's not an entirely horrid piece. Usually, if HuffPo posts articles about atheists, their "oh those Gnu Atheists! They're so horrible! Why can't they just shut up?!?" This one, at least, recognizes the value of the dialogue...

But I'm with you. Greta's anger is still much better, and much better written, too.
The lady is full bore pissed - and well she (all of us) should be. Nothing yanks my chain more than some bible thumping dim bulb asking me why I'm so angry at god. It's hard to be angry at a mythological creature - the deluded asswipes who think he/she/it is real is what makes me angry.
Great essay.
I freely admit to being biased against anything Hedges says. He sometimes has a few good points but I still see everything he writes as tainted. If you've read his piece of shit I Don't Believe in Atheists you might see why in the end I can't take too serious anything he says at this point
It did seem rather more of a rant. Not that I have anything against polemical ranting, but this one didn't really go very far. (You have to admit the post by Greta was pretty good though, that is what I call venting.)
Where might I find this piece of shit you refer to?
Just about any library or bookstore. It is rather telling that when it went to paperback he changed the title to the nearly as idiotic When Atheism Becomes Religion. The whole premise is ludicrous. In large part, since it does not really apply to atheists nearly as much as it does to theists. One point he insists on is that Moral Progress is impossible.
Oh, in case you didn't know, the "New Atheists" are all utopians therefore idiots.
Wow, yeah. I just pulled up The Dangerous Atheism of Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris, by Chris Hedges. I've read Hitchens and Harris; Hedges is full of shit. Is the rest of the book as devoid of understanding as that excerpt?
DJ had him on Point of Inquiry awhile back. He spent a lot of time in the Middle East. So much that I think he has gone native.
He explains his view that the New Atheists are proponents of the Neo-conservative agenda and how the American Left does advance secular values in the Muslim world.

Neo-conservative agenda? WTF? What religion is this idiot, anyway? I started out thinking he was an atheist and was upset about the direction that Hitchens and Harris were taking the movement. Now, I don't know. Is he a liberal Christian or something?
I haven't read that piece but the book is just a series of myths, stereotypes, misrepresentations, logical fallacies, and plain old factual errors.

Yeah, it's devoid of anything resembling research or critical thinking.



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