This time the Sacramento Coalition of Reason had two billboards vandalized. One had the message ripped entirely off. The other had "Christ loves u" spray-painted on it. (more here)

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These idiots don't realize that they are actually hindering there cause by showing how hateful believers can be.
Ah yes, "spreading the good news" > "obeying the law and not violating other people's property.

Way to show your moral superiority, Christian.
Eh, they'd probably reply that they're not beholden to the 'laws of man', only to god's law.
Which means they can't be trusted for a second. You can't swear to uphold the Constitution if you aren't beholden to the laws of man now can you? Yet we have Christian presidents.
Yeah, I was thinking along the lines of video surveillance. Would be good to see them get caught, although it's probably just a few kids and they'd wind up with a slap on the wrist. Still...
Someone should start the rumor that the "evil" atheists are going to post snipers at some of the billboards.

Not that we would, but they don't know that. >:)
Not exactly the kind of press we need...
Maybe not such a good idea...
I'd love to know if there are any stats on Christian billboards being vandalized. I'm sure it happens, but it would be interesting to compare Xian vs. Atheist billboard vandalization per capita.
That begs the question, Jo: would a rational atheist indulge in vandalism or opt for a legal protest? There MIGHT be some fringe atheists who might go for it, but if there has been an instance of a religious billboard being defaced (I never COULD stand those "GOD" billboards!), the report hasn't reached my ears yet.
My point exactly. I'm willing to bet incidents of Atheists vandalizing Xian displays is almost nil, vs. Xian vandalization of Atheist displays.

Which, if true, is very telling.
My guess is that when theist billboards are vandalized, it's most often done by other theists. It's not just a question of competing morals you know; it's also a question of competing statistics. There's a lot more theists around than atheists.



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