Atheist Comedian/Songwriter Tim Minchin Could Have Christmas Hit

(I don't think this is a news item in any news site I know, but it is surely atheist news. Written by me. I have no affiliation with Tim Minchin.)

Apparently there's a bit of a tradition in the UK surrounding Christmas music singles charts, with lots of competition to get recognized in the Top 40 or Top 10, or better yet, stealing the #1 spot.

Australian comedian, singer, songwriter, and musician Tim Minchin's atheist Christmas song White Wine in the Sun is already #67 in the iTunes Top 100 for the UK. It has been quietly gathering attention among his fans and atheists and freethinkers around the world, and is poised to break through to the Top 40, if it can gather just a few more downloads from iTunes. It would be the first openly atheist Christmas song to do so.

From his site, a blog post titled Ready for a Christmas single with a difference? (Sunday, 13 December 2009):
OK, there are red cups at Starbucks and big socks in the shops… so what else is traditional at this time of the year? The Christmas single of course… but not the usual fare eh? ‘White Wine in the Sun’, the beautiful and sentimental encore to Tim’s ‘Ready For This?’ show has been released as a single for the first time and is now available on: iTunes

You can also get it elsewhere, if you are not into iTunes but the best way to ensure that your download counts towards the singles chart is to buy from iTunes.

We know getting it to chart is a ridiculous long shot… but just imagine if it did!

Update: It turns out it can be gifted through iTunes too, which is especially apt at this time of the year and for a Christmas single. Simply click “Gift This Music” under the information on the single’s page. However, it will ask the recipient to download iTunes if they do not already have it or to update if below Version 6. It’s even suitable for your auntie…and beats that pack of hankies she may give you hands down.

Check out his YouTube video to see his charming performance live:

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I just emailed The Project 96.1 and 92.9 Dave FM here in Atlanta, GA, USA to play this song. I'm hoping to get Minchin and this song some exposure here in the states.
Cool! I think it would be so awesome if he actually made it in the top 40 before the 25th rolls around. That would be huge.
I agree completely.

I think it's time Tim Minchin became an international success. It's time the States really heard about him.
I'm an auntie, and it's certainly suitable for me.

But then, so were the Goatse links that felch just got me to click on.
I had heard this song but can't remember where! Anyway, I just bought it. It's only 99cents on iTunes. Any little boost might help, eh?

Maybe they'll start to play it mixed-in with all the other Christmas songs as a tradition. And then... others like it. And if others see that people will buy these kinds of songs, it would encourage other artists to make them.

Ha! Now I remember where I heard it. I heard it at work! They play wall to wall Christmas songs this time of year over the PA (mixed with a few other stuff of course). I didn't pay that much attention to the lyrics as I have my iPod on almost all the time. Amazing.



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