Recently, 18-year-old Constance McMillen has become the target of discrimination. She intended to go to her prom dressed in a tuxedo with her girlfriend as her date. The very religious school officials consider same-gender relations to be a sin and as such Superintendent Teresa McNeece told McMillen that she could not come with her female date

What they probably did not expect was that The American Humanist Association (AHA) would be the private group who would step in to organize the dance. Thanks to a $20,000 donation, the AHA is making preparations for an LGBT-inclusive dance. No discrimination, everyone is allowed to have fun.

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!!! Wow, that's fantastic!
They wont be. They'll consider it to be a 'den of sin' and likely punish students known to have attended.
Oh, the lawsuits that could start from punishing someone for attending a party held by a Humanist group because they allow gays. I almost hope they try it so they can get kicked out of their jobs.
This is so awesome I have no words! THIS is what we need to start doing ALL the time to fight back. Brilliant!
Very awesome of them!




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