I had not heard about this incident until just now.
I believe it merits some attention.


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Disgusting how the justice system will work in the favor of a religious murderer but that of an nontheist murder would be prosecuted worse than the so called witches of the 15th century
Apparently, Christian + hormonal teen + argument about religion + shotgun = murder, but does not equal a hate crime.

So killing someone for their religion is a hate crime, but not their lack of religion? This is what is wrong with hate crimes. They are only applied to certain groups. If you kill someone because you hate them, it is a hate crime.
Of course it's not a hate crime. Atheists have yet to be recognized as an oppressed minority, and so long as that situation maintains and people in general figure that atheists are something less than human, this pattern will continue.
I've been unable to find any support for the claim that the victim was an atheist. Has anybody else had any luck?
Curious and curiouser. You and I seem to have followed the same links and found very little, which begs the question, where did "mojoey" find that little detail? It kind of looks like "mojoey" might be a bit loose with some facts.
Of course, this is exactly what we need, an atheist Bill O'Reilly.
I found the original link on FB. I doubt if anything more can be found there, although YNK. Can't hurt to try.
Mojoey an atheist Bill O'Reilly? The info came from his sister. I verified it before posting. You can find a post from his sister here: http://www.topix.net/forum/source/whotv/T1T7390CLJDEAHP48
I would be interested to see some links to the verification.
Yeah, and not one word about the kid being an atheist or not. The comments on the link are all about whether to try the other kid as an adult or not. I found some local newspaper articles about it there wasn't one word about his atheism either. I wouldn't have even looked there if someone else didn't point out this little discrepancy.
Sorry, I don't see the mention of atheism.
Indeed. (see comment above, from the author)
This is nonetheless, a real problem across the country, although murder.................




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