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DO NOT POST FULL ARTICLES. Post a synopsis and a link to the full article unless you are the author of the material. Full articles will be deleted without notice.

In order to create an environment that generates the best, most interesting and most useful content for our readers, there are a few posting guidelines.

* Please only post things that are related to atheism, Humanism, rationalism, skepticism and related philosophies. Other stuff just doesn't matter here.
* Please make an attempt at remaining somewhat politically neutral. This is not a group for politics. If a candidate or public figure says or does something stupid and it's related to religion somehow, publish it; otherwise leave it to the other news sites.
* Try to keep it to a dull roar. This is news, not talk radio; we don't have to go totally nutter with the freaking out and the strong language here. We can mock the crazies quietly and with dignity. Oop, that last part was my inside voice.
* Focus on quality. Before posting something here, really think about whether other people are going to want to read it and if they are going to find it interesting or not.
* Nobody is perfect. I am pretty sure that I have already broken all of these guide-lines, but just try keep them in mind.

Note on Formatting: Richard has requested that we make sure to format our hyperlinks to open in their own window. Here is an example of the HTML needed to do so. LINK TEXT In case you are unfamiliar, it is the target="_blank" part that makes the magic happen, so if you use the button that auto formats links for you, you will have to go in and add that by hand to make it work. It's not hard and is the same for all links.
Enjoy the news,


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Can you give an example of where I'm supposed to insert "target="?
The HTML for your post might look something like this before you post it:
<a href="http://www.richarddawkinskicksass.com/asskicking/3/5/2009/WOAH.html" target="_blank">Article</a>

Here is an article about Richard Dawkins kicking ass. Perhaps not coincidentally, the article kicks ass too.


after you submit it, it will look like this:


Here is an article about Richard Dawkins kicking ass. Perhaps not coincidentally, the article kicks ass too.

The placement is right inside the "a" tag where the link is. Anywhere in there should be fine.


I notice the Aloha. You ever read Scepticism Inc?
No, but I did live in Hawaii for a while. I was home for two years before I quit throwing people the shaka.
LONDON (April 12) -- Declaring that the pope is "not above the law," two of the world's most famous atheist activists are calling for the arrest of Pope Benedict XVI for crimes against humanity when he visits Britain later this year.

Why are you posting in this thread? Especially when it explains "how to" contribute to this group?

It seems that the LINK button now creates links that automatically open in their own window; no HTML fiddling required.




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