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You forgot the link.
Link (Associated Press). Where's the kingdom?
Jim Wright, a retired merchandiser, lives with his 92-year-old mother in St. Paul. She "believes all that crap," he said.
"She wants me to come back to God, but I can't because he never existed," Wright said. This Christmas, he said, "I told her if she wants lights on the side of the house that she needs to do it. She's long since given up on the tree."

...his poor mother!!
But, she is 92!! Besides, that part is pagan.
Pff, I LOVE my Christmas lights. I just bought the new LED lights. A string of them uses less than 5 watts of electricity and put off no apparent heat.
How bright are they. Here in Wisconsin LED bulbs were put in the traffic lights. During out last blizzard you couldn't see them.
Heh...they are TOO bright when viewed head-on actually. Way brighter than my conventional lights. And with a 25,000 hour bulb life, they'll last me a LONG time. Damn, I sound like I am trying to sell the things =P
The article makes it sound like all atheists strugle with Christams and/or need to find an excuse to celebrate it. Fuck that. I celebrate Christmas. I don't care what it means to other people or what it's origins are. I see it as a time for family and friends. Yes, I've heard why not make time at another time. Why? Lets face it most of the religious stuff connected to Christmas is at this point diluted and commercialized. I don't see it as a threat. I certainly see no reason not to coopt it in my own way. Most people I know take vacation time during the holidays. I see it as convenient.
Yes, I've heard why not make time at another time.

I'd argue that the Christians need to back off the Winter Solstice and Saturnalia and let atheists have it. I mean, if they are supposedly all happy with the Lord, then for what do they need uplifting parties in winter?
Excellent. We always celebrated Christmas in my house as a child. It was never a religious thing but always about trying a little harder to spend time with family and friends. Dad was an atheist (I din't know that till I got to High School) and Mom believed in God but thought organized religion was garbage and the conventional/Biblical version of God was just nuts.
No lights being put up here but I am going to a few parties. One is for Solstice, another is for Festivus, yet another is for HumanLight and, oh yeah... I've got a Christmas party to go to too. Maybe next year I can find parties for Kwanzaa and EID as well.

Let's hear it for diversity!



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