That's right, we do it better.  Married life that is, but I'm betting we have better sex lives too.

A comparison of the divorce rates among believers and non-believers

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Yup, we've known this for quite a while.  We just go out and have sex, when we want to.  We don't feel the need to go get married at 18 or 19, so we can have sex.

As a result, we get married when we've found someone we really want to marry, and we're ready to get married.

Yeah, but that whole finding thing is hit or miss. c.c
And according to Darrel Ray, we do enjoy our sex life more:

Heck yeah, my sex life is better because I didn't wait for marriage or save it for "the one." I haven't been overly promiscuous, but I've had enough partners that I know what I like and I have a general idea of what he'll like, too. My first was a virgin, too... and after that experience, I can't imagine how good Christians can possibly enjoy their wedding night. It was awkward and painful and neither of us knew what we were doing. Not exactly the magical consummation people dream of. 





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