Atheists 'not fully human', says Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor


This is scary and stupid.

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Broken link.
Just fixed it.
On the other hand, this guy is probably way too human for his ecclesiastical charge. If he's honest he should get rid of his testicles.
Well, if the Catholics feel that way they probably wouldn't mind if someone started rounding us up and putting us into camps and...oh, wait, nevermind...been there and done that.
LOL! I was thinking that exact same thing.
For those of us who have issues loading Richard Dawkins website (today at least...)

The dipsh*t from the Catholic church has it wrong.

For sake of argument only(this opinion is not necessarily supported by anyone, including me):

Believing that your life is controlled by a non-existent deity makes you less than human. It makes you a puppet to the words in a book, a sheepish supporter of the Middle Age snake oil peddlers, a mindless follower of Iron age nonsense.

Real people analyze and try to understand their world. Religionists do the opposite: they, at best, add an impervious cloak of false mystery to everything so as to be mentally comforted and lazy. At worst they claim to understand the cloak of bullshit, and use to strangle others. None of this is human in any is the act of a unthinking monstrosity.

Maybe we're human-plus! New and improved humanity.
True, if blind faith in sky daddies is required to be human, I'll happily be considered something new.
If this means that I'm a super bad-ass robot, then i fully agree!
...sworn to protect a world that fears and hates us.
Ooh, if I'm not human can I be a vampire? I've always wanted to be a vampire!



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