Atheists ramp up holiday message

I read articles like this frequently.  Then I scroll down to the comments section.  Usually, what I see are a bunch of comments essentially calling or the heads of all Atheists in the country.  Not one Atheist normally comments on articles like this and it saddens me that no one comes to our defense.  But this time, when I scrolled down to the comment section, I was pleased to see a large number of Atheists coming out and taking a stand.  It fills me with holiday joy.

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Awesome! Thank you Chris.

A beautiful sight to behold! :)

Yeah, but too many of them, just like the theists, sounded more misinformed than I would like.  The one comment that ruffled my fur came from a 'theist'.  The one that defined anti-theism as those who try to convert believers to atheism.  Now that is just false.  I've more or less evolved to at least some degree of anti-theism and it is has nothing to do with what believers profess.  It is a defense against being proselytized to [usage?] and a defense against being governed by beliefs I don't share.  At least in MY gospel!




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