Here is a lovely article about how everyone in America hates us, but it also defends us.

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I gave up on caring what people thing about me long ago. I wasn't cool in high school and i've never really been cool since then, except in a geeky gamer-girl and techno-phile sort of way. If someone thinks my beliefs make me a threat to their way of life, and their way of like involves all the many atrocities we can all associate with religion, then i'm very happy to be a passive thorn in their collective sides. If i do nothing more in a day than wake up and make myself some tea and STILL manage to piss off the religious right, it has been a day worth living.
Man, I thought republicans would be hated way more.
The giant (atheist?) guy in the cartoon looks kind of like Cobra Commander ... I'll take that as a compliment, thank you!
I hate you people, and I am one of you :o)



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