Author of Uganda's gay execution bill to attend prayer breakfast with Obama

Bahati told the Ugandan newspaper Sunday Monitor he would be attending the National Prayer Breakfast on February 4th.

Prayer breakfast! WTF?!  Surely he's got better things to do with his time than dine with intolerant bigots?  Anything to keep the religious right happy, I suppose.  I'll be disappointed if Obama doesn't give him a good talking to though. 

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If I recall correctly, last year Obama dissed the National Day of Prayer folks, I was hoping he would do the same for the National Prayer Breakfast crowd also.

After reading the Wiki on this one at , this one, run by "the Family" seems much more insidious and dangerous. Given the last years exposure of the Family, it would seem prudent to me for the Dems to stay away from this one. Of course that probably means that they will do exactly the opposite and they wil all be there/
*Smacks forehead*

Obama just fell down my list from "Candidate I truly like" to "Lesser of two evils."


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