Italian authorities have frozen $34,000,000 of money in a Vatican bank in a money laundering probe.

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Will the Pope now seek asylum in Britain? Or try for a witness protection program? Perhaps it's just a way of avoiding large payments to the sexually abused.
I'm really hoping they find irregularities. That on top of the sex abuse scandal might turn a lot of people off to religion.
Or lead them to create their own religion in order to get some of that sweet dinero (I'm looking at you, scientology).
Alas, I don't think this will be the net effect, John. You've got to remember, most of the fundies in America already preach that the Catholic church is the tool of Satan, and the Pope may be the anti-Christ. This may drive away some Catholics, but they're not the problem, in this country.
I dunno. If organized child rape doesn't turn people away I don't know what will.
Good point Louis.
I just can't help but keep imagining if this were a global, obscenely rich and powerful Muslim institution, embroiled in child molestation and money laundering scandals. How it might get a wee bit more coverage in the Christian Western world.




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