"T-shirts worn by the Smith-Cotton High School band have evolved into controversy among parents."

Go and vote on the poll everyone, see if we can get the percentage of people who think this shirt was offensive any lower than 3%! 97% of people didn't care but some dumb fundies thought it was offensive so it has to go.

Anyway, as I said on FriendlyAtheist's comment section:
This is good for science. A whole group of music students were just pissed off by a religious nutter. Now, with a little teenage angst, they'll make their way straight to an atheist world view. Anything that fundies do to make themselves look stupid plays to our hand. Good work concerned nutjob parents. :)

FriendlyAtheist blog post:

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Such a cute t-shirt, shame it was banned. From what I remember of my band geek friends' shirts, they are often racy and/or funny. This one, showing evolution though, goes too FAR!

The amazing part to me is that any shirt would get banned due to religious reasons. I need to donate more money to the ACLU, they seem to have too much work on their plates lately.
whats wrong with it, its really cute, fundies are so stupid.




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