Baptist Church catches heat for lurking outside elementary schools and luring school children into vans

I wish I made this up.

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Good for this school district!
Assholes! They should be prosecuted and made to stay a certain distance from the school and away from any route the children take to walk home.
If anyone else tried this, it wouldn't be a "disagreement" over "prosletyzing" - it would be a Charge for Attempted Kidnapping (a federal crime with real life FBI agents)
Bring me my hungriest lion.
WHY is this not attempted kidnapping? Because you're a church you're allowed to do this shit? I'm completely flabbergasted.
Dude, baptizing without parental permission is not allowed? That was going to be by excuse for hitting kids with water balloons. "I swear officer. I was just trying to save the souls of these young children with these here holy water balloons. I even got them for pledging $100 to the 700 club!"




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