Baptists Warn That Scientology is not "the Way." They've got "the Way."

From the Baptist Press:

"Yes, Scientology has beautiful commercials and lofty promises," Tal Davis, interfaith evangelism coordinator for the North American Mission Board, wrote in a Baptist Press column. "But the truth is far from the paradise they portray," Davis wrote. "The real answers to life's questions are not in some faddish therapy, SciFi religion, or 'knowing yourself.' They are only found in the One who claimed to be 'The Way, the Truth, and the Life,' Jesus Christ."

So what they're saying is, I shouldn't buy Scientology's faith-based road to paradise, I should by their faith-based road to paradise. Got it!

I love how he says "claimed to be". I wonder how much flack he'll take from his fellow Baptists for leaving that hole open?

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Here is one of the scientology commercials.

They are a big organization with lots of money so I can see why the Baptists are threatened by them. These commercials, despite the obvious lie about "knowing yourself" through scientology, are really well filmed.
Lovely - arrogance in one vector opposing arrogance of a different vector. Can we hope that this pissing contest evolves into open conflict and therewith demonstrates the stupidity of BOTH participants?
We'll see. Both of them are the True Religion® and neither are likely to back down. I've written about the Baptists' problem with Scientology before. Of all the other religious groups, Baptists seem to fear Scientology most.
I thought Keanu Reeves was the One.
Coke or Pepsi

That's what this sounds like to me.

They both may seem nice but do shit to you and your body.




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