Mitt Romney is competing with Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann for the Republican presidential nomination, and he's losing, though he's trying his best to dumb-down.

It looks like really stupid is what the Republican Party is determined to run with in 2012. The question is, will it be a winning strategy?

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Great, let's bring back the freaking 50's.  Lovely.
Look at it this way - since she's been an elected member of congress from Minnesota, she's been successful at keeping the soviets away. No soviet invasions during her term in the House. With her as president, we would be even safer.

Plus, being from Minnesota she's had close contact with a near-socialist country for most of her life. And with her there, Canada has never mounted an invasion against Duluth. Never. And you can almost see Canada from her back porch.

Whereas, has Mr. Perry been successful at preventing a Mexican invasion of Texas? Yo no lo creo
You are a poet.
She seems to be batting 1000 when it comes to wacky comments, Soviet Union, Elvis, Lexington& Concord, 20 generations of Americans. It would make a great comedy show, "The Wacky World of Michelle."
And lest we not forget confusing John Wayne, with John Wayne Gacy.
The Soviet Union thing from Bachmann and the "we teach creationism in Texas" from Perry really to point out their nuttery doesn't it?


Running against Bachmann or Perry would be the best thing for Obama.  They are so far to the weird right that they would have no appeal to the moderates.  Huntsman (sp?) would be the toughest.  He's not afraid of the TP and is rational.  In fact, I'm convinced he'd win against Obama.

That's my hope, that they'll nominate a loon, though it's a risk - like betting your life savings with good odds. If you lose, it's catastrophic.
I hope they nominate Perry, not Bachmann.  A woman running for President might get enough of the women's vote across party lines to put her over the top.
You really have that little faith in women?
Good point.  I'm not worried about Democrats so much, but Independents are an unknown to me.  They did help put Tea Partiers into office.
Getting the "women's vote" was probably a big factor in the Palinization of the mccain campaign.  If he won, all he had to do was die and we'd have President Sarah.  As it turned out, he's not dead yet, and anyway it probably didn't help much that she would have been one melanoma cell from the presidency.



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