Scientists have discovered the earliest known Hebrew writing — an inscription dating from the 10th century B.C., during the period of King David's reign.

The breakthrough could mean that portions of the Bible were written centuries earlier than previously thought. (The Bible's Old Testament is thought to have been first written down in an ancient form of Hebrew.)

Until now, many scholars have held that the Hebrew Bible originated in the 6th century B.C., because Hebrew writing was thought to stretch back no further. But the newly deciphered Hebrew text is about four centuries older, scientists announced this month.


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All this means is that the Chosen People have been Chosen for even longer than they thought. The god-botherers won't see the significance that their fantasy book is just that, fantasy.
So that makes it stone-age rather than bronze-age thinking.
Which, to me, makes it even less valid to us today.
So that makes it stone-age rather than bronze-age thinking.

Good point!


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