Once burned does not mean twice careful for Harold Camping.

Even though he erroneously predicted the end of the world in 1994, he is now confidently stating his new mathematical understanding of the biblical text: The world will really end in about 16½ months.

The engineer-cum-apocalyptic-broadcaster has a good many followers, most of whom are giddy over the coming mayhem Camping is predicting.


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What's really funny is how much of a following Camping has, despite having been proved wrong before. It's enough for him to have purchased 55 radio stations in the US alone.
These prophecies never seem to end.

What these Christians appear to keep forgetting is that their silly little book also says no-one will know the date or time.

Either they believe it or they don't...
Their silly little book also says it will be during the lifetime of the apostles.

I especially like that the guy pooh-pooh's the Mayan 2012 prediction as "Like a fairy tale." (Never mind that the Mayans don't predict the end times. It's just the date that their 5,000 year cyclical calendar resets).

So just to be clear:

Centuries-old writings carrying dire predictions of the wrath of a violent, jealous, vengeful god from Central America = Fairy Tale.

Centuries-old writings carrying dire predictions of the wrath of a violent, jealous, vengeful god from the Middle East = Absolute Truth.

Got it.
Another Rapture date? Where's Louis; he said he'd take me church-looting on that day.
Has anyone considered that the Mayans just ran out of WALL?!?
Probably because they couldn't get the right easement to extend it.
TICH! Damned Mayan zoning laws!!!
And Pi is 3.
Does this mean the Xians won't bother voting in the mid-term elections since it really won't matter?
Maybe we should have an atheism celebration on that day, I think it would be killer. Get all sorts of booze, have a big ol' party. :)




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