Bill O'Reilly & Deepak Chopra say they "kicked Richard Dawkins’ ass"

(11/3/11) Hollywood is famous for putting fantasies onscreen but sometimes they get outdone by the claims of television personalities. Check out the video from at left and see if that's not the case here. Conservative commentator Bill O'Reilly, who hosts The O'Reilly Factor on the Fox News network, features a recurring segment called Believers vs Non-Believers. On it last night, he reran parts of an earlier show where he locked horns with famed biologist and atheist, Prof. Richard Dawkins, claiming that Dawkins' new science book for children, The Magic of Reality, was an attempt to "get to the kids and say you're an idiot if you believe in God."


He used that to enlist his current guest, spirituality and alternative medicine promoter, Deepak Chopra, who (like Dawkins had been) was there to promote a book, into a criticism of the absent atheist... not that Chopra was reluctant to chime in.


More, including a video, here.




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I love that. 'Cause they've totally shouted him down and that makes them the best and makes all their ideas correct forever amen.


Is it possible to vomit out of sheer contempt alone?

Me, I settle for facepalming and hope that's enough.
I saw that vid. It was funny. Just goes to show how absolutely clueless these people are. Sadly, there's no fixing that!
I sometimes wonder what Bill would do in a moderated debate, where he couldn't simply shout down his opponent and/or have his mic turned off.  Perhaps his meager knowledge encompasses the idea that he'd then have to deal with FACTS, and that is what prevents him from engaging in such activity.
Perhaps if the Shock Jock were on neutral turf we could actilly get a legitimate debate, but I fear Bill O'Rly has lost the skill of civil debate.

LOST it?  I'm seriously dubious he ever HAD IT!

O'Reilly depends on the home turf advantage of Faux Noise and I would seriously doubt he ever strays out of it.  So long as he's there, he can control the game and the dialog.  In a straight-up, moderated, fact-based debate, he would get dismantled so fast his head would swim.

He does have one powerful tactic - he makes such outrageously stupid statements that it completely stumps his opponent. I've seen Richard Dawkins reduced to speechlessness because he was so taken aback by something O'Reilly said.


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