Anson Cameron of the Sydney Daily Herald tells a tale of atheists, with their anger fanned by the flames of burning stacks of The God Delusion doing... absolutely nothing.

IN SCENES of calm bemusement not seen in the lower United States since John Scopes taught innocent schoolchildren evolution, it was reported yesterday that Pastor Terry Jones had given up on his plans to burn 200 Korans and was instead planning to incite atheists by soaking a gross of Richard Dawkins's The God Delusion in moonshine and putting a match to them.

Atheists, who hadn't been expected to come out in pick-up trucks with gun racks on their rear windows and circle his church with their engines revving like goaded Rottweilers, didn't.

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And Terry Jones thinks we'll react why? Does that idiot actually think we hold a book, any book in high regard? I prefer he didn't burn anything lest he burn himself.
Safety first, that's what I always say.

Actually, I rarely say that.
Just to be we're all clear on one point: this article is satirical, unfortunately it didn't actually happen.
Heh, good disclaimer, yeah. I read the full article, which makes it a lot more obvious, but if someone only reads the clip pasted into the initial post, it might be a little less obvious.
I guess I'm special then. I took it as satirical just from the snippet. :)
I was hoping people would be intrigued and go to the link.
Well give me a sack of potatoes! You got me on that one.
Heh, very nice.
Goose stepping morons, reading instead of burning, etc etc...

(A big thanks to Dr. Henry Jones Sr.)
So, what does this make me, antipeople? I use the pages of the phone book to light my campfires. The paper is uncoated or lightly coated so it burns very nicely. Funny though, a lot of bibles I have seen are printed on similar quality paper, hmmm, I wonder how they would burn, I've never tried it. That ought to get some hackles up at the next horse trail ride!

I read the whole article and found it very funny, especially the quote from the president.
Apparently Bibles also make good rolling papers. I had heard that said long before the Australian guy smoked the Bible and Koran.
Probably cheaper, per unit of usage, than actual fire-starters, too. Bibles are really freaking cheap, even discounting the people who will give you one for free. I picked up my most recent one for $6, I think, when I wanted the alternate translation to reference. That's ludicrous for a 760 page, hardcover book (my other is 1396, but it's heavily footnoted, where the newer one is just straight text and is more densely spaced).

Mind you, I have a built-in, horrified reaction to damaging or burning a book, so I couldn't do it, myself. When I was freaking out at my one friend for rolling joints with hers, it wasn't the fact that it was a holy book that upset me. That upset her, after the fact, far more than it did me ... well, that and I'd rather not have her smoking.


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