Ok so I ordered 350 red debossed (engraved) bracelets that say “ATHEIST & PROUD OF IT”

I was only going to get 10 but then I figured If I can buy them in bulk I can sell them for cheaper then u can get them online due to paying 2 dollars per and then paying 8 or 10 dollars in shipping for 1 or 2 bracelets bracelet


SOO I am now selling them for 3 dollars each and NO SHIPPING, no credit cards, just literally send me 3 dollars when u get the bracelet. NO catch or risk. If you order more than 4, I will have to send them in another letter so that it does not go over the letter weight

Only thing I need is a shipping address

When you receive your bracelet and are happy with it then get a envelope and send back 3$ to the return address



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The beacelets show up on the 20th so thats when the picture will be posted
I did something like this with the secular values voter buttons a while back, although I didn't have atheist nexus to network through at the time so it was a general loss lol. But I got to give a lot of them away over the course of 3 years or so. Anyway, I'll take you up on it. Are you collecting info now? What about paypal payment? Probably would be easier and quicker.


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