British Taxpayers Will Pay $19,000,000 for Pope' s Visit There: Pilgrims Will Still be Asked to Contribute (to the church) Up to $39 Each to See Him

The cost of pope's visit to the UK in September may cost the British government over 12,000,000 pounds (approximately $19,000,000).  He will preside over two events there: a beatification of cardinal John Henry Newman in Birmingham and a prayer vigil in London. Pilgrims to the first event will be asked to contribute (to the church) 25 pounds each ($39.25) and to the second event 10 pounds each ($15.70). This is supposedly justified because each of the pilgrims will receive a pilgrim pack that contains a metro ticket.

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If I recall the British, after a number of bloody years, threw the RCC out of England, but now they are shelling out 19 million to let the chief papist slink back in.
I would guess there will be some vocal protest whenever his Cornholiest shows himself.
KEEP THE CHILDREN HOME (wearing tight underwear)
Mike: better to be slapped in the face than in the ass.
In lieu of paying the entrance fee, can a pilgrim just donate an 8 year old boy, instead?
Don't give them any ideas.
They would receive a whole parish for one of them.




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