Well, the religion of peace has shone its amity and kindness yet once again. Currently, it's Ramadan in the Muslim calendar. The month to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Mohammed. Or, as many of us think, the first time he had a grand mal seizure while having auditory and visual hallucinations. Nevertheless, Muslims of all stripes commemorate this holy time of the year by fasting from sunup to sundown. There are exceptions for health and travelling, but by and large, it is considered to be a major deal for adult followers of Ole Moe.

And, apparently, a major deal it is to some. In the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a dispute arose between two brothers. One accused the other of not taking seriously the admonition to abstain from food during this most holy period. The result? A rational discussion, about the pros and cons of abstaining from nutrition during daylight hours? Maybe a theological discussion regarding the various interpretations of the first of Mohammed's revelations? Hell no!

The younger brother slit the older one's throat with a kitchen knife. Older brother was pronounced DOA on the way to the hospital. Guess that'll teach the infidel bastard that Islam is serious about this shit.

Story here and here.

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  • Non-medical fasting is unnecessary and stupid.
  • Arguing about non-medical fasting is unnecessary and stupid.
  • Religions which require non-medical fasting are unnecessary and stupid.

I think that covers it.

Do you think they might be a whole lot happier over there [Pakistan] if they could just get women and booze in the same room at the same time?
-- Congressional Representative Charlie Wilson

He wasn't far off the mark there Loren.

Maybe not ham ...

Muslims tend to be greater hypocrites about alcohol and tobacco than they are about eating pigs.  Alcohol and tobacco are drugs that have a positive feeling that you don't get from most other sources that are as easily accessible.  Pork and ham are ... just another kind of meat.

Because the planet is awash with these delusions, incidents like this take on an almost healthy aspect. Far from being seen as the psychopathic felony it is, many somehow marvel at how the love of god can move people to such extremes. He probably gave himself a good whipping afterwards in penance for his 'overzealousness''.

Gerald, sadly, I suspect the survivor congratulated himself for his piety and religious correctness, even as Abraham may have been doing much the same thing regarding his near-murder of his son, Isaac.

And thinking about that, have you heard Edwin Suominen's take on that whole story?




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