Seems that British Police don't like freedom of expression. I don't care enough to agree or disagree with what these guys did, but arresting them? Now that's a police state. Thunderfoot proposed a thought experiment, burn Principia, burn the bible, people would give you disapproving looks, but burn the koran and it's the end to world peace. I wonder if the police would've responded the same way to the bible or principia?


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Interesting. I believe that someone else posted a recent article about a koran being burned here in Michigan, but no arrests were made - much to the disappointment of Muslims. In America it is protected, like burning a bible or the American flag. I, too, wonder what the reaction would be to burning a bible or principia.

Sad that Muslims give a book so much respect, yet treat their women and children like trash.........although that is what their 'holy' book advocates.
This ought to be an embarrassment to that police dept. What were they thinking?
I'll say again; having a Qu'ran/Bible burning is idiotic and wildly counterproductive.

But absolutely constitutes free speech and expression.
Yeah, unfortunately, England doesn't recognize the right to the same degree as the US constitution.




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