The burqini, a bikini designed to comply with Islam's requirements for women to cover themselves is not acceptable to the French. Pool officials said that it breached their health requirement for minimal clothing in public pools. Muslims are taking it as an attack on their Allah given Freedom of Retardation.


*I could have put this one into the other Burka discussion but I didn't want it to get lost and it is a bit of a different spin on the story.

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I have to side with the pool operators on this. The outfit could not be considered offensive, so their explanation makes sense.

Sadly, if it goes to court I expect them to lose. :(
While it seems in line with their policy, I can't help but to find it weird that such a law would exist...exactly how much protection does the pool get by people not wearing shirts? Humans are so dirty, bacteria-wise, I doubt the clothing would make that much difference.
Luke: *I could have put this one into the other Burka discussion but I didn't want it to get lost and it is a bit of a different spin on the story.

You elitist. Showing concern for an articles relevance. Next, you'll be demanding post quality...

I don't want to regurgitate the rights and wrongs of legislating against stuff like this either. Like you say, there are plenty of threads here for that already. Rather, this is a similar situation that occurred in Australia in the early 90's (which I have cited elsewhere) -

Furore over Brunswick baths

Essentially, the Muslim community demanded that their local public swimming pool (funded from the public purse for the use by the general public) have set times reserved for the exclusive use of Muslim women. The uproar was phenomenal. But most interesting of all, the people weighing in in defense of these demands to selectively favour a minority whose only real skill was whining the loudest, were the feminist and socialist left - the very first people that would start vanishing were they to live under a sharia jurisdiction. Some of the statements in defense were just surreal -

However, Bob Lewis, Democratic Socialist candidate for the seat of Wills, rejects the “reverse discrimination” claims: “This is just playing with words. The heart of the matter is that the position of women and men in our society is not equal. Some modest measures to provide some separate space for women shouldn't be the occasion for howls of outrage”, he said.

I expect it will be the same folk who come to the Islamamama's defense here.
FelchyG: You know I am in no position to start being a quality/spelling/gramma-nazi. I've got form on this. :)

The article you've added indicates that it would be a women only time, not a Muslim only time.
I am not particularly opposed to women only times in gyms or pools. Karen likes going to the pool and some guys are creepy or bossy. The gym has a women only hour. I'm happy to work around it if it means that the women who are more comfortable exercising without men present can get their exercise. It can be difficult for women to exercise if they feel self conscious or that men are leering.

Once Islam comes into it the idea starts to lose traction for me. Mostly because of where this is coming from. Islam doesn't require evidence that women are being sexually harassed or that women are cheating on their husbands. It assumes that they have wronged or been wronged. It assumes that men and women cannot be trusted to swim together.

I'm a man and I can be trusted.
I dug out the article as its pretty much a precedent. I'm curious to see if there will facsimile defenses coming up as a result of this. To me its quite simple - if you want to be idiots - buy your own swimming centres and be idiots in private. Just don't waste our time or expect us to be sympathetic of your right to be idiots.

And the 'women only' as opposed to 'muslim women only' angle in Brunswick was just a weasel trick from their laywers anyway. They knew what they wanted. And it did not include uncovered meat sluts mingling with the penguins.
I agree. The women only thing smells like a cover. Muslim women would dislike swimming with non-muslim women almost as much as men. With any luck the lesbians will invade it and convert them all. Go lesbians!!!
Outside of Atheist News, there are more posts on anything burqa related than almost anything other than abortion.

It's a crock o' shite to be using public funds for religious organizations, or the demands religious organizations put on their members.
I'm sorry, but this is bullshit. The burqini doesn't cover the face, so what makes this any different from wearing a wetsuit made for diving/surfing?

A 35-year-old woman known to French newspapers only as "Carole" was ordered to leave a public pool on the outskirts of Paris, ostensibly because her swimsuit constituted a "hygiene problem".
However the complaint has been interpreted as a political statement and officials argue that the chief lifeguard who made the decision was simply abiding by rules that state that all women must wear swimsuits and men must wear small trunks, not shorts, because larger items of clothing are believed to carry higher levels of bacteria.

So they "believe" larger items of clothing carry higher levels of bacteria. Unless they can cite scientific studies that have proven this, Carole should win this.
I think that regulation is bullshit and that's what people should be fighting against. But unless other people in violation of this rule are not being equally treated, she has no grounds on which to stand from. In the original article there's a commenter saying that her/his partner was thrown out of a public swimming pool for wearing shorts instead of small speedos. If this is true, then Carole can't complain.
She most certainly can complain. And I would too. For one, I hate wearing those little speedos and I hate seeing people wear them. If there's no evidence that shorts or burqinis actually carry higher levels of bacteria, then she may have a case.

This whole thing starts a slippery slope though... Are they going to start forbidding people from wearing orange because it can evoke feelings of rage (I don't know if it really does or not, but I heard it mentioned on an episode of Scrubs, but my point remains the same)?
But is there any increased risk from burqinis or other loose fitting bathing suits? (didn't watch the video or listen to the audio since I'm reading and posting this stuff while watching Frost/Nixon)
This wins. The only gap I can see is the material the burquini is made out of...but there isn't squat in the article saying that have fabric type limits.




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