On Nov. 3, LeRoy Matthews, a driver for the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), apparently decided that he and his passengers were in urgent need of prayer. So around 7:30 p.m., he pulled his bus over to the side of the road, stood up and blocked one passenger from leaving, and then asked them all to hold hands and join him in prayer.

4 or 5 minutes were spent in prayer before Matthews returned to his duty and allowed his passengers to return to theirs.

At least one of them filed a complaint with the transit authority.

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Every one of them could immediately hire an attorney and sue the driver and MARTA for false imprisonment, asking for exemplary damages. This, of course, assumes that this is the entire story.
I doubt it will go any farther than the disciplinary action against the driver. Proving false imprisonment under color of (bus company) authority may be a bit of a stretch.
I do believe that man would have received an ass-kicking and a kidnapping charge if I were on that bus.



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