Vatican Monsignor Accused of Taking 600 Thousand Euros and Ilegally Attempting to Move 20 Million More

A monsignor working as an accountant for the Vatican has been accused of taking 600,000 Euros from a Vatican bank and attempting to illegally move (possibly with the intent to steal) 20,000,000 more. He has been arrested with two accused accomplishes (a secret service agent and financial intermediary). Per the article:


The cleric, Monsignor Nunzio Scarano, worked as an accountant in the Vatican’s financial administration. He was suspended from duties several weeks ago after being placed under investigation by magistrates. Scarano is accused of taking 600,000 euros out of a Vatican Bank account. He is said to have taken out small amounts at a time and given them to friends who in turn wrote him cheques. The money was apparently used to pay off a mortgage. The Monsignor’s lawyer Silverio Sica said he was additionally accused of being involved in an attempt to help friends bring 20 million euros into Italy from Switzerland by plane in league with the secret service agent and the financial intermediary.

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It seems to me that the Vatican Bank is in enough trouble as it is, with accusations of money laundering already aimed at it.  This plus the priest child abuse scandal do not paint an especially positive picture of Vatican City, Francis' attempts at outreach notwithstanding.

Could it be we're watching the wheels come off in slow motion?  A man can hope.

Eventually, some of the faithful will have a  epiphany - just because a man talks to an invisible ghost all day, does not preclude him from being a scumbag.

Could it be we're watching the wheels come off in slow motion?  A man can hope.

I hope they have a fast motion version - it could be really funny - sort of  Keystone Cops chase scene in long robes and funny hats 

That seems to increase the chances, actually.  I dunno; maybe it's just the increased opportunity, granted by the unwarranted trust placed in them.

First things first. Why the hell is Italy investigating this? The Vatican is a sovereign independent State. Just asked Cardinal Bernard Law, late of Boston, who fled there when the heat in the "prosecutorial" kitchen in Massachusetts was getting more than uncomfortable. They want to be recognized and have ambassadors (OK, papal nuncios), get international recognition, and sign treaties (Concordat with the Third Reich) then let them do their own house cleaning, rather than hiring it out.

As to Msgr. Scarano, again, what's the big deal? Compared to the low life that currenttly sits in New York, the monsignor is small potatoes in terms of financial mismanagement. Now Cardinal Timothy Dolan, when Archbishop of Milwaukee, diverted approximately $57,000,000.00 to shield the assets from the legitimate claims of the victims of pederast priests who preyed on the children charged to his care. What a sport!

Seems to me that Scarano just wanted a piece of the action. And, all things considered, not all that big a piece in the grand scheme of things. Then again, I guess when the local enforcer steals from the Capo di tutti capi, he knows what's coming if he's caught.

It's ... complicated, to put it mildly.  The Vatican is a sovereign nation that can't do diddly squat to take care of itself.  It contracts out almost all of its services from Italy.

They don't even really have a legislature of their own, as far as I'm aware.  They used to just automatically adopt the laws of Italy, but they installed an approval process for new laws, after Italy started getting a little too accepting of homosexuals.


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