DeFede: Priest Admits Paternity, Demands custody (link)

The priest with the restraining order against him for threatening his baby's mama is now demanding custody of his bastard child because, while a stripper is good enough to bear his child and try to get into three-ways with, she is not good enough to be a mother.

So, this Catholic priest is now saying that not all people are cut out to be parents? Wow, the hypocrisy is glorious.

I hope she hands him his ass in court and keeps her baby! Although, the priest has a the ex-Mrs. Hulk Hogan's divorce lawyer.

Should I start chanting "Jerry" now?

Oh yeah, he wants to change the child's middle name to Epiphany. Is the epiphany not to have un-protected sex with a married stripper perhaps?

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Jaw-dropping stupidity ahead:

Rafool said Dueppen's transgressions as a priest will have little bearing on the case.

"There is nothing in the law that says if you violate your vows as a Catholic priest that that will be a factor and weigh on whether you're a good parent," said Rafool. "Now, whether you are in fact an exotic dancer, a stripper, a prostitute, whatever it is, that would weigh on it because they are factors in the law that deal with your morals."

I don't even know where to start. "A stripper, a prostitute, whatever..." So which is it? Because I'm pretty sure a prostitute and an exotic dancer are two different things. For one thing, the latter is a legal occupation. Then, how do those "morals" count but a priest blatantly breaking his vows (by possibly having sex with a prostitute?!?) not?

The lawyer is an obvious douche, but I hope for the child's sake that this gets settled without too much animosity. The priest - whatever, as long as he wasn't stealing, I have no problem with him having an affair. Especially since he's left the church and is trying to get a job. If the woman's allegations about him attacking her and coercing her into having lesbian sex are true then f*ck giving him custody of the child. There's a lot more of this story to be hashed out yet...
By definition of being a Catholic Priest aren't you then morally unjust for being a biological father?
Aren't Catholic priests immoral for being Catholic priests?
I think the other side needs to bring the priest breaking vows thing up, because with the history of priests raping children I don't think any priest that can't stay celibate should be around ANY children!
Once again I ask - if the priest were part of any religion other than Christianity, how fast would the mobs with pitchforks descend upon him?
Probably not very fast. However, if he were the part of any minority religion for his area, I doubt anyone would be thinking of giving him the child.




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