Well, doesn't this just take all. Isn't there a gods damned test to take before you get appointed to positions like this?

"Minister won't confirm belief in evolution
Researchers aghast that key figure in funding controversy invokes religion in science discussion"

Globe and Mail

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The inside joke for us is that we know that only a faith-head would have jumped to that conclusion! HAHA! :)
there's nothing remotely funny about this, and i cannot express how outraged i am->not to mention ashamed [ONCE AGAIN!] of my country's federal government.

why can't canada have an obama or a hillary?!?

I understand the sad side of this situation, but pro-science Canadians need to follow the lead of their Texan brothers and sisters: watch the dangerous creationists and woo-ers, and pounce on and scream about EVERY move they make!

You have to remember that you have two fronts:
1: You have to get this guy out.
2: While he's in you have to make sure he is not able to obstruct real science.
We suffered for eight years under Bush. Maybe that's what it takes; idiots in office.




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