Cardinal criticises the UK's multiculturalism and atheist leanings

One of the Pope's advisors has pulled out of his forthcoming visit to the UK - read story here.

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Catholics are good at pulling out. After all, with all forms of birth control banned, pulling out and the rhythm method are their only options.
Genesis 38:9. Some people never learn.
I really liked Cardinal Walter Kasper's comment that, "when you land at Heathrow you think at times you have landed in a Third World country." Hey Wally! Hot news flash for you! That's the nature of a major transportation hub of the world. You run into people of every color, race, ethnic background, and culture from every continent. And, Wally, if you get your head out of your ass and actually engage some of them in conversation, it's amazing what you just might learn. Though I would suggest travelling in plain clothes rather than the Santa costume. Last time I was at Heathrow, while waiting for a connecting flight to Paris, I met a guy from Pakistan, we shared a bag of pistachios, shot the breeze, and I had an great time learning about a different culture. Trust me on this one Wally, it's a lot more enlightening and enjoyable than being bent over the backside of a 10 boy year screaming for you to stop.
Problem is, Pat, they think they know it all. The pope's got his "infallible" thing goin' on and he's been all over the world and seen everything there is to see, etc, etc, etc. You can't tell them anything they don't want to know ... but they're willing to tell YOU chapter and verse, of course.

they're willing to tell YOU chapter and verse Ain't that the truth. And, in the most condescending, patronizing and paternalistic way they know how. Reminds me of a line in the Stephen Stills song Word Game.

"And you can't prove them wrong, they're so God damn sure they know"
If you want only a repetitive production line of godbots, diversity is akin to having a spanner possibly thrown in the works.
What is he talking about? Airports are full of different nationalities? What a shock. Perhaps something in his German youth has become ingrained. Agressive atheism? We should be so lucky. Oh well, the fewer people on the Vatican Road-Show the better.
I don't wanna fucking hear any third world jibes from someone whose boss *doomed thousands of uneducated Africans* by telling them condoms make AIDS worse.
I also like the bit in the biography box:

"Has a doctorate in dogmatic theology from the University of Tubingen."

I just find it funny that they have a degree that's actually named that.
Is it me or does 'dogmatic theology' translate as 'God Exists Because God Said So Nyah Nyah'?
Or something similarly nonsensical, yes. "I'm highly educated in doing what my church tells me to do." The fact that someone like that technically has the right to call himself a doctor is a travesty.
Should be a technical school certificate, not a doctorate.




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