Cardinal criticises the UK's multiculturalism and atheist leanings

One of the Pope's advisors has pulled out of his forthcoming visit to the UK - read story here.

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Yeah, in that he's only certified on a technicality.
whoa, no disrespect to technical school certificates please - i'm pretty sure they at least come in subjects that are actually real. unlike religion.
Oh, I'm not talking about certificates from technical schools, I'm just saying this guy's certificate is from something that's only *technically* a school. XD
He graduated from MIT (Mississippi Institute of Theology) with a Masters in Obfuscation.
I'd have to agree. Especially, since, I am in a Tech school right now.
No disrespect intended.
I realize that now :)
Eh, those tech people suck. Call it like it is, man.
*Kicks Joseph*
Hey, ow! I'm in tech support. I'm allowed. :-P
In that case. Sorry, Joseph!
Heh, hardly. You gave exactly the desired response. :-D




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