Cardinal criticises the UK's multiculturalism and atheist leanings

One of the Pope's advisors has pulled out of his forthcoming visit to the UK - read story here.

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Oh, I'm not talking about certificates from technical schools, I'm just saying this guy's certificate is from something that's only *technically* a school. XD
He graduated from MIT (Mississippi Institute of Theology) with a Masters in Obfuscation.
I'd have to agree. Especially, since, I am in a Tech school right now.
No disrespect intended.
I realize that now :)
Eh, those tech people suck. Call it like it is, man.
*Kicks Joseph*
Hey, ow! I'm in tech support. I'm allowed. :-P
In that case. Sorry, Joseph!
Heh, hardly. You gave exactly the desired response. :-D


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