NY Times.  Cardinal Dolan authorized pay-off to priests who were accused of molestation, so the church could get them out of the priesthood and off the Catholic Church payroll.

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Charming to see this come out, now that Dolan has made cardinal.  Now the question is: how many others have done the same thing?

According to the article, "Experts in the Catholic Church’s response to sexual abuse say that payouts to dismissed priests are not uncommon." which I guess it means the practice is common.


Of course, the catholic conspiracy church has other more important things to do, like preventing women from having equal rights, ensuring that poor people have lots of babies who they can't educate, feed, or provide immunizations or medical care for, making sure rape victims have to have the babies for their rapists, encouraging the spread of deadly disease (HIV), and paying lots of money to political groups so they will influence voting practices & propagandize the masses to ensure the denigration and subjugation of LGBT people.  By paying off well meaning child molesting priests, it allows the conspiracy church to concentrate on these other, more pressing, matters.  

You know, it's like cleaning out a sewage system. The deeper you get into it, the more noxious the feces becomes, and the bigger the rats are that you have to contend with.

Not to mention those baby alligators that somebody flushed years ago and are now 18 ft long man-killers.

Give the 'gators a red ecclesiastical hat, robe, and staff, and they'd fit right in. I am soooooo glad I went through the formal defection/excommunication process from that degenerate criminal syndicate so they can no longer use my name as a statistic to prop up their numbers.

Now that you mention it, there is a crocodilian aspect to Ratzinger's appearance.  And thank you for officially leaving the Catholic borg.  I was actually thrown out of the Baptist rolls - which I assume was just for that particular church.




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