Catholic bishops in Philippines are criminals, but with a clear conscience

Philippine Senate probes illegal donations to Catholic bishops friendly to ex-President Arroyo

Remember all the crap the Catholic bishops were stirring up in the Philippines about contraception? The president, in trying to get condoms and birth control pills to everyone who needs them was a "bad Catholic?"

What do you call a Catholic that takes bribes for favors in the Philippines then? Apparently bishop.

Of course the church and everyone involved are denying this as mudslinging...oh wait, nope:

""In a letter to the Senate, Archbishop Nereo Odchimar, president of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, said any donation to a bishop goes to the diocese and it is not the clergy's personal property.

"Whatever benefit the Catholic Church may draw from the gift is purely incidental," he said, adding they were willing to "face the consequences" of receiving financial aid from government because he said it is channeled to the needy.

"Our conscience is clear," Odchimar said.

Scum. Scum of the earth.

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So, funds are diverted from a charitable agency to buy, among other things, a fancy SUV for a bishop-prick and the Church is sanguine about it because the money was "channeled to the needy". Yes, that makes sense. When the lotto agency spends the money, they waste it on things like ambulances. How much better it is for the poor to have a slimy hypocrite swanning around in a fancy vehicle bringing them spiritual solace.

Don't forget they are simultaneously trying to block their access to birth control.
Calling them scum is elevating their status.  I prefer lower than whale shit at the bottom of the Mariana's Trench.
...and here I though I was being too harsh.
I would be much more shocked is there suddenly were no scandels and charges of corruption against catholic bishops and priests.  "This just in:  In a shocking turnaround, today the catholic church was free of graft, stopped manipulating politicians, and no little children were molested.  Millions of catholic faithful, accustomed to codependent rationalization of the church heirarchy and compartmentalization, suffered spiritual whiplash and became Unitarians as a result."
The vow of poverty really is pretty sick. Catholic clergy receive little more than a small stipend, but have comfortable (or lavish) housing, expense accounts, and pay no taxes. They don't personally "benefit" from the "donations" because they don't "earn" any income. That doesn't mean they won't get new TV's or a new luxury car out of it. After all, since they have no property or income aren't they needy too?
do the world a favor....kill a priest!
Calls to violence are not cool or appropriate.




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