Catholic Bishops investigate the Girl Scouts for alleged abortion & gay rights group ties

The Catholic Church, not to mention the Religious Right, has been upset with the Girl Scouts since 1991, when the GS announced their neutrality on sexual and gender issues. To many religious conservatives, neutrality is equivalent to collaboration.

For more on the "investigation" go here.



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I saw this too, in wash post.  Things are so interconnected, and people have a hard time severing ties even when those ties are more like a yoke.  In the case of girl scouts:roman catholic church, even if it's a loss, the girl scouts would be better off without the catholic bishops, who are innately anti-woman, meddling in their organization.

I won't defend the Catholic Church since I certainly agree that they are anti-women (I'd go farther and say that they are anti-everyone since the Church's agenda conflicts with separation of church & state and therefore isn't consistant with the idea of civil liberties for individuals). However, they do have the right to tell their members what to do (as long as they don't co-opt gov't to force it on them anyway) and so have the right to investigate the Girl Scouts and cut ties with them as well as suggest that Catholics boycott them.

And you're right; the Girl Scouts would be better off without them.

As far as Im concerned, they can declare the Girl Scouts "Heretics" and defund them.  That would be kind of bad publicity for the bishops.

if we let them they would gladly burn them.

I think you're wrong to say that they would gladly burn them. Undoubtedly they would issue great expressions of sorrow while they burned them.

That's what the Inquisition always did.




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