Catholic Chuch's Pedophile Investigator Convicted for Collecting Child Porn

Daily Mail


I realize this is kind of like posting an article that reports snow in Alaska.


"The revelations that the church hired a peadophile in a key child protection role will add to the controversy surrounding the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales over its handling of sexual abuse...Jarvis was leading an investigation into an historic sex abuse allegation at Buckfast Abbey, a Benedictine monastery in Devon...He was arrested after uploading images of pre-pubescent boys on to the Ning social networking website."


Which goes to show that Ning has better Terms of Service than the Catholic Church has.



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*shakes head*


Okay, we need to stop calling this pedophilia and start calling this pedotheism.

Is the Daily Mail a reputable news source?

Confess I don't know what to do with these people.  In some ways, I feel more animosity toward those who cover up than I do to the actual criminals and I don't like them very well.  Wish we could turn our society around so that they could feel free to get help before the abuse happens.   That's not likely as long as religionists are running things.   I really, really despise religion.  

As far as reliable news source, bbc would probably have been better.  I usually google on a topic to see various points of view.  such as here  I usually don't use huff post or examiner because they are too far from the primary source.





Yeah, but a story like this could hardly be made up, even if the DM bungled it a little.

Well, one wouldn't THINK so. . . .

One of the things that struck me was the Church's treatment of the guy.  Doesn't sound very caring. . .I just about gag over the hypocrisy of everyone involved. . . .

Me too.  Unfortunately, looking in the Catholic church for sexual victimization of children is like looking for an apple in an orchard.

Yes it snows in Alaska and the Catholic Church harbors pedophiles.

wow, that's eerie.

OMG! Call Art Bell!! lol...thats uncanny!

That is creepy

forget the church...bring these bastards up on charges in a real court! just bypass the church altogether and sent these.."persons" jail for the rest of there lives. they can buttfuck each other all they want in there!

I dont believe "buttfucking" each other is what they had in mind...if it was just sex between priests I would be ..sympathetic..maybe.

  But Im picking on ya because I agree completely with your actual point.



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