DUBLIN (AP) - A Roman Catholic diocese at the
center of Ireland's
child-abuse scandals appealed Tuesday to its parishioners to cover some
of its more than euro10 million ($14 million) in bills to victims and

The diocese's chief financial officer,Eugene Doyle, said the church had no option but to ask its faithful to help foot the bill. He estimated that the diocese's 100,000 members in 80
parishes would be asked to contribute euro60,000 ($85,000) annually for
the next 20 years, or euro1.2 million total—but stressed that no money
would be taken from normal weekly collections.

Right... let us molest your children and then make you pay for it!!

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They will get that money to. People can be so stupid.
This is why I keep trying to convince my mother to stop being Catholic. I don't expect her to be an atheist, I just plead that she convert to something where they don't try to cover-up for and defend child molesters.
Right... let us molest your children and then make you pay for it!!

It's worse than that. "Let us molest your children, and watch how we guilt you into willingly paying for it."

Heaven forbid they cash in some of their Vatican thrones and gold and riches. Make the poor pay for the sins of the Church.


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