Oh oh, Bill Donohue's at it again. This time the focus of his choler is a new Superman story that reimagines the Man of Steel as a dark, moody youth who wears a hoodie.


The incensed Donohue now accuses DC Comics of destroying the old clean-cut image of the last son of Krypton in order to make one that appeals to fans of the Columbine school shooters; clear evidence of collusion in the breakdown of morality in America!


Tsk, tsk. Can Bill Donohue's imaginary friend protect him from the wrath of DC's fictional superhero?


More here.


The new, darker Superman



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He doesn't spend much time with teenagers does he?
One should hope not
I didn't mean alone.
The DC guy is quoted as calling it "Superman for the Twilight era". That alone makes my fists itch, 'cause if there's one fictional influence we don't need polluting the rest of pop culture it's Twilight. Also, anyone over twelve using the word 'hip' without irony probably needs treatment.

I also love that Bill focuses on the hood first. Real fuckin' Christian of you, Billy boy, looking past appearances to the soul beneath and all that. Or is it hate the sin, love the threads?...and while we're at it, isn't a moody teenaged Superman kind of *obvious*?

Any teenager with anything about them that's different to accepted social, EVER, has had a bad time - meaning of course almost any teenager who's going to be even remotely interesting as an adult. This kid's an *alien*, and has to hide it all the time? You'd think with all the support Bill gives people for making gay teenagers feel their difference is morally wrong and socially unacceptable, he'd be right behind someone else suffering because they were born the way they are.
Superman always sucked anyway. Batman's better.
Yeah. That's the real problem I have with depicting Superman like that - he's the faintly annoying boy scout-ish character. His whole thing is that he's the brightness, the optimism, of DC's superhero community made flesh. Then they dedicate a whole comic to making him look like a troubled teenager...when anyone who remembers their teen years will go 'well duh, he was moody - he was like fifteen. Why make a big deal of it?'

That said, I'd love to know what Bill O'Reilly thinks of Rorschach - who murders criminals even if they're small-time, who uses corpses as post-it notes to the police...and yet who does all this because America is no longer like the typical conservative rose-tinted nostalgia-fest of the Fifties. XD Someone should put that to him, watch him bake his noodle trying to wriggle out of it.

Meh. Superman's always been my least favorite DC character. But really, its just plain stupid to throw a temper tantrum over a fictional character. If a comic book has more influence than your faith, then maybe the problem isn't with the comic book...
He's always been one of the most boring characters for me, too. He fits well into Justice League stories, but that's about it. He's a very strong archetype, which is what you need a lot of, in an ensemble cast. By himself, he's too archetypical. No depth.
I do like some of his supporting cast though, and the newer story arcs are pretty good.
Ah. I haven't kept up with it in years, besides the Justice League stuff.

I think the most recent incarnation of Superman I've paid any attention to is the Batman and Superman Warner Brothers cartoons. When were those made again? Sometime right around 2000?



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