Catholic Monsignor Gets Prison for Sex Related Child Endangerment

Catholic Monsignor William J. Lynn received 3 to 6 years of prison for subjecting children to priests whom he knew to be sexual predators. The judge said he subjected the children to "monsters in clerical garb". Per the article:


“You knew full well what was right, Monsignor Lynn, but you chose wrong,” Judge M. Teresa Sarmina of Common Pleas Court said as she imposed the sentence, which was just short of the maximum of three and a half to seven years.


It is hard to believe that enabling such horrific acts to be performed on children carries no more than a seven year sentence. 

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I still want to know when we're going to get bishops, archbishops or cardinals (Bernard Law, anyone?!?) before the bar of justice and put THOSE fuckers away.  The hierarchy of the catholic church deserves a spanking which is way overdue.

dont worry. prison pops dont usually like child molesters and they usually dont last very long inside.

I think he will be dealt with very harshly indeed. he will be gang raped at least once for sure.

That might raise his awareness as to how horribly he conducted himself.


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