From the thriving metropolis of Frackville, PA:

"Neither has Helen Hopko or Al Gursky, both of Frackville. Or Dorothy or Walter Jaskierski, Saint Clair. But that didn't stop them from having their cars blessed Sunday after Mass at St. John the Baptist Polish National Catholic Church."

The priest, Rev. Robert P. Plichta, committing the same fallacy of logic as his parishioners, said "In Poland, there was twice where I didn't say a prayer, 'under thy protection ...' and I had two accidents - somebody hit me, I hit somebody. Minor. But now I say every time. It's important for somebody who believes."

I wonder if he does drive-thru blessings?

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So prayers stop your car from getting minor scrapes then? Wow, what omnipotent power!
Nothing fails like prayer. I'm sure that the people who get into accidents after having their cars blessed never think to question the power of that prayer.
How about all the religious people that die in car accidents? Apparently they didn't pray enough.
I took a class on Catholicism when I was in the Seventh-day Adventist seminary. They will bless anything you want, cars, houses, boats, theoretically you could get your computer blessed.




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