Married Father of 6 to be Ordained Priest in Rochester

In a move that I just find hilarious, a married father is being made a priest. Apparently there is a loophole in the divinely inspired Catholic law that allows Protestant preachers to become Catholic priests without a vow of poverty.

Wow, that's not a transparent marketing ploy or anything...

According to Caton, the calling to serve and perform Sacraments became too strong to ignore.

Must...hand out...crackers...can't stop...


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The "calling to serve and perform Sacraments became too strong to ignore" or the priests to serve and perform Sacraments became too small to ignore."
Actually, I am glad this is happening. Maybe Catholic priests will get fed up. Those that aren't being protected that is.
Don't forget, you also have to serve wine. Of course, you can get a job serving crackers and wine without becoming a priest. You can just be a bartender or a caterer.
Any Republican worth his tea

That made me giggle.
I copypasted "I think they should return to the practice [...] unfettered free enterprise will fix anything." in my IM since I found it hilarious myself.

Kudos. *applause*
These type of loopholes have existed for quite a while. In college I met a Catholic priest who had a family. He had been a Greek Orthodox priest and converted. Never bothered to ask why? I didn't see that much of difference in the two churches. I don't recall him saying there was anything beyond the normal conversion process that he had to do.




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