Chester County, Pennsylvania to exclude Freethought "Tree of Knowledge" this Christmas

Chester County, PA officials intend to include a mixture of both re... So there will be a creche and a menorah, but my guess is that the 'secular' displays will be along the lines of Frosty the Snowman.

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Solution: Send atheist "worshipers" to Frosty. If they won't let us play we can at least ridicule them.
It's so frustrating that the courts actually allow this sort of thing to go on. What makes Christianity or Judaism any better than anything else? Just because people have been breaking the law for a long time doesn't make it suddenly legal. It makes no sense to me.
The modern "Santa Claus" was an invention of the Coca Cola corp, so why should he be included? Perhaps because greed and capitalism are counted as traditional.
I thought that was a myth? I seem to remember someone saying that the current view of Santa actually dates to earlier than the famous Coke ads.
Depends on what you mean by "current."

If you mean jolly fat man with a giant sack then that's been around since the 1880s.

If you mean guy in a red suit then that's more early 1900s.

If you mean jolly fat man + red suit then that's more mid 1900s.
Yeah, the Coca Cola ads were the first widespread representations of Santa Claus in color. Prior to that, he had been all sorts of color combinations, since the majority of imagery was black and white. They made him red and white because those were Coca Cola's color scheme.


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