The Chicago archdiocese of the Catholic Church released documents today revealing that it had hidden decades of sexual molestation of children by priests. The documents were only released in order to settle a law suit against the archdiocese by the victims and, as part of the settlement, did not include numerous other such documents. The documents that were released, however, revealed that Church officials as high in rank as cardinals had been involved in the cover-ups. It does not appear that any of the molestations had been reported by the archdiocese to the police. Per the article:


For decades, those at the highest levels of the nation's third-largest archdiocese moved accused priests from parish to parish while hiding the clerics' histories from the public. The documents, released through settlements between attorneys for the archdiocese and victims, describe how the late Cardinals John Cody and Joseph Bernardin often approved the reassignments.

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Now that catholicism is almost synonymous with sexual abuse of children, one would think there were be no catholics remaining. The parishioners are almost as culpable as the perpetrators - if they continue to attend, and continue to contribute, and continue to indoctrinate their children into this conspiracy of child molestation, then the main-line catholic has some explaining to do. They are supporting heinous criminals and covering up their crimes.



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