Oddly enough, none of these devout men or their churches are giving God credit for trapping these 33 men in a collapsed mine in the first place and no one is thanking God for the average of 34 Chilean miners each year whom, as the AP reports, He doesn't see fit to rescue from such accidents.


More at: http://www.examiner.com/atheism-in-los-angeles/chilean-miners-rescu...



A Chilean miner prays after being rescued.



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This makes it embarrassing that I was ever an Adventist, enough so that I emailed the church leaders in the part of the world asking that they either retract the claim or condemn Pastor Diaz's statement.
This makes it embarrassing that I was ever an Adventist
Hell I'm a lifetime Atheist and it embarrassed me listening to all the Anglo talking heads gushing with the Jeebus theme.
The email addresses I found on the official church websites don't work. Oh well, I don't care that much.




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