Christian "Family" Organization Bullies Lamar Over Strip Club Billboards

American Family Association is at it again, and this time they're hitting too close to home for me. I'm a graphic designer working in advertising, and they're trying to bully Lamar advertising into rejecting billboards for adult businesses. These businesses already have few options to advertise, and AFA is trying to eliminate one of the most effective and most lucrative. They make a lot of lame arguments against the billboards, but all of them can basically be boiled down to "we have a right not to be offended."

My take on the billboards, from a professional advertising perspect...

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It's amazing how "non-sex" equals "family-friendly". Sarcastically, without sex, those families don't exist! Seriously, I don't really get it. It's just a matter of parents being fucking sissies and wanting to avoid giving their kids actual answers. Perhaps a billboard campaign to suggest that parents grow up is in order?




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