Huckabee to Bin Laden: "Welcome to hell":

OK, is it Christian Hell Bin Laden is going to, or Islamic Heaven with virgins waiting for him, wanna bet?

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I'm betting that he just stopped consciousness and is nothing but a limp body.  Especially since neither place exists.

Sorta like what happens to RAM in a computer when you turn the power off, eh?

Sorry, Osama, no battery backup!

Yes, that sounds perfect.  lol
Yep, let the religious stupidity begin!
That was one epic game of Hide and Seek all to have some virgin ass.

If any kind of conciousness somehow transcends the death of the brain that generates it, it would find itself alone with no input - total sensory deprivation. It would create a virtual environment for itself out of its imagination and memories and hallucinations - so someone who believes himself to be a good guy would create a paradise for himself, someone who believes he made mistakes wold create a purgatory or a hell. Thus making the only remotely conceivable afterlife a place of reward for self-absorbed evil and punishment for minor regrets of those with morals.


Actually, I find the idea that there is nothing after death rather comforting by comparison.

I have asked many times: by what mechanism does consciousness survive the death of the nervous system which, up to the point of death, supported IT?!?  And IF by some means it does survive, what is its mechanism of perception of the world around it?

Of course, FIRST someone would have do demonstrate consciousness as an independent entity, which is pretty bloody unlikely!

It's times like this when a Hell would be almost fitting. Of course the last few minutes of his life when he heard the helicopters come in, the SEALs blasting doors, gun shots, grenades, and finally a SEAL looking him square in the eye... sounds like a few minutes of Hell to me.
You also happen to be a rational being that doesn't dream of 72 virgins waiting for when you become a martyr for your beliefs.
He's crustacean food somewhere on the bottom of the Arabian Sea.
Simple, elegant and real isn't satisfying enough for some folks.

Why virgins?

There'll be nohing to  enjoy after all the sweaty efforts and bruises.

No thanks, spare me all the pains.




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