“His (Gervais’) new film, ‘The Invention of Lying,’ illustrates why Nora Ephron and Christopher Hitchens don’t write screenplays together,” commented Smith. “It begins in frilly cuteness but soon becomes a laboured, blunt, loud attack on religion, especially Christianity.”

Hmmm..I'm sold. I had no intention of watching this film, until I read this review.

“Gervais is an atheist, which is fine, but his mean-spiritedness (even before the atheism theme enters the movie, it’s sour and misanthropic) and the film’s reduction of all religion to an episode of crowd hysteria are not going to be warmly received,” commented Smith.


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It's on my list to see too ;-)
I was planning on seeing it anyways, but this is the icing on the cake!
Now I'm interested.
I'm having a hard time, though, accepting this movie's universe in which not lying means people were inherently honest. I imagine humans that can't lie to be very devious, withholding information, and giving incredibly twisted versions of truth. But it's his movie, not mine ;)
Saw it in Middle Georgia -- unfortunately we live right about on the buckle of the bible belt. Saw it at the cineplex -- 12 screens with all the latest shows -- on a Friday night at 8pm. As usual, the ticket line was 20 minutes long and the cineplex was jammed with people. Went into our theater, and there were TWO other people in the entire room to watch "The Invention of Lying"! Needless to say, we LOVED it. Atleast it made it to the theater here. Bill Maher's Religulous was never even shown.




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