Even Angels Will Fall


Damn. At least all of the angels were female.



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At least this time, it wasn't Stephen "Burdshit" Green. ;0)

Amazing how thin-skinned some folks are.  Makes me wonder how some people can even function with all the "offense" around them!  Pathetic!

I noticed I hadn't seen it lately.  I just thought it finished its run.

Thanks for posting the ad - I've been reading the comments at the bottom - very interesting.

yes, the comments were an interesting read on their own.  the culture wars continue.

Hey BiPed - You had me laughing on this wonderful day. thanks

This illustrates the typical relationship between religion, government and freedom of speech in countries where separation of church and state isn't complete. It's too bad Axe doesn't make a spray that removes the odor of sanctity from censorship.

funniest thing I have seen in a long time!

get it on youtube and make it go viral!

BTW....the costumes were exquisite.

interesting that they look a lot like the fairies at the bottom of my garden.  ;)lolololololol




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