I have a headache from all this convoluted logic. Mr. Daly is talking out of both sides of his mouth and doesn't see his contradiction. On one hand, he supports the idea that gays are excluded from "God's design" but then tries to include them in Christian love. As if you say, "You are deviant but we love you despite your evil ways." 

The Groucho Marx quote about not wanting to be in a club that would have him as a member  seems to fit in here somewheres but my comic ability is tainted by my headache.

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I totally agree with Dan Savage on this one.
I read this in our local rag. Religious leaders and the ilk either don't realize or lie about the fact that this type of discrimination sanctions anti-gay behavior. The government's policies wont allow gays to enlist or to marry, so the message that is broadcast is that it's okay to exclude them. That gays are unacceptable and it's okay to treat them different. The state and the church, two of the most powerful roles of authority, issues these edicts and people internalize it as personal as well as societal law.
If you are forgiven for what you do in Gods name how could Christians be to blame for anything. Hell the Catholics at least make you say some mumbo jumbo to make you pure again.
Oh let's not forget the guilt they put on you, from the day you were born! It's a miracle I made it out of being raised catholic without having issues! Especially about sex....it's evil you know, and only for pro-creation....
Christians have all sorts of insurance policies and emotional blackmails to ensure their memberships. Forgive for sins, obey but do not question, why does god help some but now others (because it is god's plan), etc. God's the ultimate defense lawyer, Clarence Darrow should be jealous.
yeah....god is the ultimate "lame excuse".........
Sure Christianity is not to blame; just like Martin Luther's "On the Jews and their Lies" is not to blame for the Holocaust.




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